Before you load the chain saw into the truck to gather firewood, be sure you know what to look for in the wood supply. Firewood should be properly seasoned to maximize burn efficiency and long-lasting heat. Knowing what to look for in seasoned firewood will go a long way to keeping you warm and extending the life of your wood supply as well as your fireplace, stove and chimney. Please stop by and let us provide you with fire wood for those cozy warm nights by the fireplace, as well as those family campfires!

About the Wood

Our wood is quality seasoned hardwood.

How and where to store your wood pile

Unlike most fuels, as long as it is done correctly, firewood can be stored indefinitely, safely and without degrading. Here, we provide basic information on storing and drying your firewood for best results.

Once delivered, stack the firewood as soon as possible. The first decision you’ll have to make is figuring out where to site the wood pile. You will want to make it convenient, but try to keep it a small distance from your home (30 feet is adequate). Rodents and bugs like to live in and around piles of firewood, so it’s best not to store it too close. Many people store a small amount in or next to the house that they can draw from as needed and replenish regularly.


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