How long can my grass sit on the pallet before it needs to be installed?

It depends on the temperature and time of the year. During the growing season (May-Oct) and especially during the hot summer months you want to install the grass the same day or by the next day. There may be some grace period in the cooler temperatures before the grass starts to yellow on the pallet.

Should I water my grass on the pallet if I can't install it right away?

No, watering the grass on the pallet and then sitting in the hot sun creates an oven like effect in the middle of the pallet and literally cooks the grass.

Do I need to kill the weeds in my lawn first?

Cut the weeds down to the soil, then apply Killzall. This will help prevent the weeds from growing back through your newly laid lawn.

When should I fertilize my lawn?

Before installing your lawn, fertilize the soil with Fertilome New Starter fertilizer to help the turf root faster. Ask us about our installation and fertilizing service. For established lawns, we recommend fertilizing with Lawn Food Plus Iron around April 15th, then every 4-6 weeks, with the last application around September 1st.

If I don't get enough sun, what can I do?

No grass will grow in complete shade. Centipede requires 4-5 hours of midday sun and Empire Zoysia requires 5-6 hours of good midday sun. Tifway Bermuda #419 requires full sun and due to its lack of shade tolerance it is not recommended for residential use. Our most shade tolerant turf is Palmetto St. Augustine with a full sun requirement of at least three hours. If a tree is causing the shade, cut the lowest limbs to 10 feet. When mowing sod in dense shade, make sure to keep the grass tall. You want as much leaf surface as possible to catch the sun. You will notice a thinning in the shadier areas. If the sod still does not survive after following these steps, you may re-sod each year or consider a shade-loving alternative to turf in the shady area.

How do I measure the area to figure out how much sod I need?

For a square or rectangular yard, measure the length times the width and that will get you a general area. For a curved or complicated yard, please use the Turf Calculator or call us to receive a free estimate.

How high should the soil be by my sidewalk and/or driveway before I lay down sod?

Our sod comes with ½ an inch of soil that settles to about ¼ inch after laying, so your yard does need to be graded 1/2 – 3/4 inch lower than your desired height.

After my grass has been installed, how long before I can mow?

When the grass starts growing and is 1/3 taller than your desired height. You can usually cut in 7-10 days. A push mower is recommended for the first few cuts.

If I am laying down sod over my previous lawn and it had weeds what do I need to do?

We do recommend treating the area with Killzall and then cutting down the weeds so that they do not reappear in your new sod. Please look for the active period of your herbicide so that the treatment does not kill the new grass.

When preparing my lawn for installation, what type of soil should I use?

Due to its natural drainage and nutrient properties we recommend river sand. However, you can lay sod on clay, brown dirt, or even on top of your old grass (provided you have scalped it to the ground first).

How often and what type of fertilizer should I use on my lawn?

For a new lawn, a starter fertilizer can be placed directly on the dirt before the sod is laid year round. Once the lawn has been rooted we recommend fertilizing with Fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron four to six weeks after being laid and then only fertilizing between April 15th and September 1st. To maintain a beautiful color fertilize twice a year.


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