Now this is by far one of the most beneficial programs for your lawn and a favorite of our customers. This program can provide up to a 50% reduction in vertical growth of your yard, allowing for more energy and nutrients to be redistributed towards lateral growth and deeper root stimulation. In a nutshell, you won’t have to mow your lawn as often… and you will end up with a healthier, thicker lawn!

With our growth regulator program, you may only have to cut your lawn every 3-5 weeks! The time frame depends upon the kind of turgrass you have in your yard. If you have a lawn service company that cuts your grass once a week, reduce that amount to once a month and you could save a pretty penny.

Not only does the growth regulator program save you money, but it also enhances the overall strength and stress tolerance of your lawn while giving the turf-grass a deeper more vibrant green color. Due to the boost in lateral growth of your turf it will be denser than before allowing it to choke out weeds with little to no problem. Seems too good to be true? How about the benefit of getting a longer lasting residual out of your fungicide treatments? Because the vertical growth of the grass is reduced and it doesn’t have to be mowed as often fungicides stay on their target area up to a third longer.

And there is one MORE benefit of this program. It will cause the turf-grass to store a healthier amount of carbohydrates for the dormant season for protection against the cold weather. Because your turf has such a stockpile of food, it will go through what is called a growth surge right out of the gate during the spring and rapidly green up… giving your lawn a great headstart to the growing season! After the application is made the grass cannot be watered for at least 2 hours.