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A green, healthy lawn is the ultimate welcome mat. Not only does a plush, vibrant lawn help create a welcoming home, but it can also increase your home value.

At Simpson Sod Turf Management, we understand that no two yards are the same. As turf growers, we have spent more than 40 years growing sod and installing lawns throughout Southeast Louisiana. We understand that your lawn is more than just grass.

That’s why we offer a customized turf management system based on your lawn’s specific needs.

Simpson Sod Turf Management can help you establish and maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn. Find out how. Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation lawn analysis.


Trust Your Lawn to the Experts.

Our expert team is ready to assist you whether you need immediate help treating brown spots, pests, fungus or other problems that might be impacting your grass. We also offer a regular lawn care program that leaves your ongoing turf management to us.

Our goal at Simpson Sod Turf Management is to apply our expertise in growing premiere turf to your property. We understand how to grow a lush, healthy lawn and want to provide our customers and their yards with the same standard of excellence they have come to expect from Simpson Sod.

Among our services, we offer the following:
Depending upon your turfgrass type and the composition of your soil, fertilization is recommended in the spring, summer, and fall. In the spring and summer, it gives your grass extra nutrients for rapid, healthy growth and encourages dense turf. In the fall, it can help strengthen your turf roots allowing your grass to get extra nutrients and protection in preparation for its dormancy period. Fertilization works best with a proper understanding of your soil composition. To have one of our trained and licensed specialists analyze your soil and advise you on a fertilization plan, contact us today!

Did you know that the pH of your front and back yard may be entirely different? Soil testing is the first step in achieving a healthy lawn. If you don’t know your soil type, you can’t effectively fertilize your lawn. Weak soil attracts weeds and fungus too and cannot support healthy turfgrass long term. Soil correction is the cornerstone of lawn care.

Contact us to have one of our trained specialists test your soil. If needed, we can then offer you options for correcting and optimizing your soil.

Chinchbugs, mole crickets, army worms, grubworms, and sod webworms… insects can cause year round problems, destroying grass roots and causing rapid damage to your lawn. We offer a comprehensive lawn pest control system.

Weeds also can take over your yard, particularly if left unchecked. We offer a robust pre-emergent and post-emergent treatment plan to keep your lawn weed-free and healthy. Contact us to find out how we can keep your yard pest and weed free!

Dethatching through aeration, verticutting, and additional customized treatments is vital to allow your grass to absorb nutrients and oxygen. It promotes healthy growth too. Contact us to find out more about this vital lawn service.
Brownpatch, gray leaf spot… fungal diseases can destroy your grass, and some turfgrasses and soils are more susceptible to disease than others. Did you know that most lawn disease starts in your soil? This is why having us test and correct your soil is key to growing a healthy lawn. Also, we offer specialized disease treatments to heal your lawn and a disease prevention program.

With our growth regulator program, you may only have to cut your lawn every 3-5 weeks! The time frame depends upon the kind of turgrass you have in your yard. Not only does the growth regulator program save you money and time, but it also enhances the overall strength and stress tolerance of your lawn while giving the turf-grass a deeper more vibrant green color. Due to the boost in lateral growth of your turf it will be denser than before allowing it to choke out weeds with little to no problem. Seems too good to be true? How about the benefit of getting a longer lasting residual out of your fungicide treatments? Because the vertical growth of the grass is reduced and it doesn’t have to be mowed as often fungicides stay on their target area up to a third longer.

And there is one MORE benefit of this program. It will cause the turf-grass to store a healthier amount of carbohydrates for the dormant season for protection against the cold weather. Because your turf has such a stockpile of food, it will go through what is called a growth surge right out of the gate during the spring and rapidly green up… giving your lawn a great headstart to the growing season! Contact us for more information.

Even though your lawn is dormant in winter, it still requires nutrients and light in order to survive cold weather. If the weather is wet and cold for a long time then you may get winter kill. To avoid winter kill, you need to strengthen the roots of your grass and make sure they have enough nutrients to survive winter dormancy. The best way to do this is through winterization and a special root fertilization treatment. Contact us for more information.

Every yard is different. That’s why your turf management specialist will partner with you to offer you a customized turf management system based on your lawn’s specific needs.

Simpson Sod Turf Management can help you establish and maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn. Find out how. Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation lawn analysis.

Let us care for your lawn, while you spend your valuable time on the things you love.


Tips and Resources

Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, Simpson Sod Turf Management offers specialized lawn services and seasonal advice to help keep your lawn healthy all year round. Our lawn care tips and advice will enable you to perform easy lawn maintenance between our applications to help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.


Did your lawn develop dead patches during the winter? Have pests made a home in your yard? Now is the time to fertilize your lawn. But, before you do, please check with us to see if aeration, verticutting and dethatching would help your lawn get access to much needed nutrients. If your turf is compacted, it can’t breathe or absorb nutrients and it won’t thrive.

Spring is now the time also to treat your lawn with pre-emergents and to prevent grassy weeds from taking hold. And, if you’d like to maximize your lawn’s beauty, ask us to professionally test your soil. Having the right pH level for your yard can save you lots of headaches.

Call us today to get your free lawn analysis!


Summer is the height of the growing season. It’s at this time when you see the results of your winter and spring treatments. But, the excess heat of summer can put your lawn at serious risk. Correct watering and soil moisture management is important all year round because hot weather can stress out your grass.

As your lawn thrives, unfortunately, so do pests. Now is the time to inspect your yard regularly for indications of irregular text and color, which could be signs that disease or pests have taken hold. Find out more about our pest management services.

And, if you want a break from mowing, find out a bit more about our growth regulator program. With our growth regulator program, you may only have to cut your lawn every 3-5 weeks!

Contact our turf management specialists to find out about our services and to get your FREE lawn evaluation today!


Fall is the time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter, when your lawn goes dormant. Fertilizing is essential, allowing your lawn’s roots to keep growing and your lawn to remain strong during its dormancy. Fall aeration promotes the uptake of oxygen and nutrients into your turf.

It’s also a good time to contact us to apply grub control and other pest prevention. Especially in the fall, having a trained professional analyze your lawn is essential as fall treatments and proper winterization can have an effect on the way your lawn will look during the upcoming spring.

Contact Simpson Sod Turf Management to learn more about fall lawn care and to schedule your complimentary lawn analysis!


grass and soil
Just because it’s cold and wet outside doesn’t mean it’s time to ignore your lawn! If the roots of your grass aren’t strong and well nourished with a specialized root fertilizer, they may not have enough nutrients to survive a particularly wet and cold winter.

Call us today to winterize your lawn and to establish an ongoing lawn care plan to help your turfgrass thrive year round!