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Tips and Resources

Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, Simpson Sod Turf Management offers specialized lawn services and seasonal advice to help keep your lawn healthy all year round. Our lawn care tips and advice will enable you to perform easy lawn maintenance between our applications to help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.


Did your lawn develop dead patches during the winter? Have pests made a home in your yard? Now is the time to fertilize your lawn. But, before you do, please check with us to see if aeration, verticutting and dethatching would help your lawn get access to much needed nutrients. If your turf is compacted, it can’t breathe or absorb nutrients and it won’t thrive.

Spring is now the time also to treat your lawn with pre-emergents and to prevent grassy weeds from taking hold. And, if you’d like to maximize your lawn’s beauty, ask us to professionally test your soil. Having the right pH level for your yard can save you lots of headaches.

Call us today to get your free lawn analysis!


Fall is the time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter, when your lawn goes dormant. Fertilizing is essential, allowing your lawn’s roots to keep growing and your lawn to remain strong during its dormancy. Fall aeration promotes the uptake of oxygen and nutrients into your turf.

It’s also a good time to contact us to apply grub control and other pest prevention. Especially in the fall, having a trained professional analyze your lawn is essential as fall treatments and proper winterization can have an effect on the way your lawn will look during the upcoming spring.



Summer is the height of the growing season. It’s at this time when you see the results of your winter and spring treatments. But, the excess heat of summer can put your lawn at serious risk. Correct watering and soil moisture management is important all year round because hot weather can stress out your grass.

As your lawn thrives, unfortunately, so do pests. Now is the time to inspect your yard regularly for indications of irregular text and color, which could be signs that disease or pests have taken hold. Find out more about our pest management services.

And, if you want a break from mowing, find out a bit more about our growth regulator program. With our growth regulator program, you may only have to cut your lawn every 3-5 weeks!



Just because it’s cold and wet outside doesn’t mean it’s time to ignore your lawn! If the roots of your grass aren’t strong and well nourished with a specialized root fertilizer, they may not have enough nutrients to survive a particularly wet and cold winter.

Call us today to winterize your lawn and to establish an ongoing lawn care plan to help your turf grass thrive year round!