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Palmetto® St. Augustine with its beautiful deep green color and soft texture, thrives in a wide range of climate and soil. This turf adapts well to moderately shaded areas that receive at least three hours of full sun a day. Palmetto® St. Augustine is a quick growing turf that spreads rapidly.  When compared to other St. Augustine varieties, Palmetto ® St. Augustine has lower maintenance, recovers rapidly from injury and has a superior cold and drought tolerance.


All grass should be watered immediately after being installed!

GREEN GRASS: Newly laid sod requires initial daily watering for approximately 1-2 hours per day. It takes approximately 5-14 days for the newly laid grass to root. Once the grass is firmly rooted in the soil, it will need only about 1” per week. To get 1” per week, water at the rate of 1 hour two times per week. Watering is best in the morning or early afternoon as the grass is more susceptible to disease when it stays wet overnight. Palmetto St. Augustine requires at least 3-4 hours of good midday sunlight to thrive.

DORMANT GRASS: Newly laid sod requires initial watering for approximately 1 hour. Check dormant grass every 2-3 days to make sure the soil on the roots is still moist as it may not require watering after the initial watering.


Palmetto® St. Augustine does best mowed at 2 – 2 ½” approximately every 5 days. Use the “1/3 rule”, which is to mow often enough not to remove more than one third of the top growth at one mowing. When do you need to mow your newly sodded lawn? Usually within 1 week of laying or when the grass is 50% higher than your desired mowing height.


We recommend a complete slow release product such as Fertilome New Lawn
Starter Fertilizer directly on the ground before laying the grass on the ground. We do not recommend fertilizing on top of the grass between September 1st and April 15th. In order to maintain the beautiful deep green color we recommend fertilizing twice a year, once in April and again mid-summer.

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